Adopting Android, a CIO perspective

An interesting opinion piece on Computing looks at the corporate challenges of adopting Android from a CIO perspective.

It's written by Neil Florio is VP marketing at Fiberlink who outlines the challenges of securely accommodating  "550 Android device types, 48 manufacturers, and a multitude of carriers worldwide"...

For example, Florio considers user management:

When a CIO makes the decision to adopt Android, one of the first issues he or she faces is user management. There is no inherent capability in the platform for extending and revoking privileges to individuals, tracking their usage, or notifying IT when devices violate policies. This is a stark contrast to the standardisation offered by Apple iOS Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) Support. Android natively does not support many of the EAS policies, leaving the responsibility to the CIO to figure out what does and doesn't work.

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