AMD having second thoughts about Android?

AMD has previously shown no interest in Android, avowedly concentrating on Windows 8 for its tablets, but could things be changing?


Agam Shah has written a piece on PC World outlining some positive noises emanating from AMD around Android. Windows is still the priority, but the door could be open…

He writes:

The tablet market is currently ruled by Apple’s iOS, followed by Android. Windows 8 adoption on tablets and smartphones has been weak. Android support could open up a potentially larger market for AMD, whose chips are used in just a handful of tablets. AMD to date has released two chips for Windows tablets over the past two years, both of which have failed.

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ARM, of course, dominates the Android ecosystem with its low-power, licensed processor cores, and even AMD’s arch rival, Intel, has struggled to change this. See Android with Intel Inside, coming out at MWC

See also: Intel Beacon Mountain supports Android development

[Image: The VIZIO 11.6″ Tablet PC powered by the AMD Z-60 APU]


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