Android apps running on Windows and Linux…

Agam Shah, of IDG News, reports that a software company called Bluestacks is “trying to close the gap between Microsoft’s Windows and Google’s Android OS with its App Player application”. This was released in beta on Tuesday.

He writes:

App Player is an emulator that allows Android applications to run on Windows 7, Vista and XP OSes. Users can install the software in Windows and then run around 450,000 Android applications, including Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, the company said in a statement.

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Same integration, different platform – also check out this story on – Android Apps in Linux Changes Everything

We reported recently that Android support was back in the Linux Kernel, and in a recent post Matt Hartley considers “how Android compatibility might affect the desktop Linux and what we might see happening in the near future as well”…

“When the news of Android compatibility was announced, I immediately heard from Android developers who saw this as an opportunity for their applications to run on the Linux desktop.

Obviously, there’s going to be plenty of applications designed for Android that won’t run on Linux because of the X window system. In the long run, however, I think that there’ll be plenty of cool Android applications that will run on Linux without much tweaking at all.”

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Are we all agreed that this is the inevitable future – Android apps running on a variety of platforms, keen to make the most of available application functionality? The concept of Widgets on the desktop is already here, so this could be the logical development.

Why not iOS apps, too, you may ask? Well, this would be where the open nature of Android comes into play, with Apple’s equivalent app pool always likely to remain proprietarily closed to an Apple world.

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