Android IOIO board powers breathalyser

We featured this one on the Gadget Masters blog, but hopefully you agree the post is worth flagging on here – it is an example of what you can do with the IOIO breakout board that has been featured previously on the Masters blog.

android-breathalyser.jpgThe post begins:

It’s a DIY Android Breathalyser. It’s still in prototype form, but is shown working in cable-less form, courtesy of Bluetooth.

Note you would need a phone with Android 2.3.3+ (“Gingerbread”) – for the requisite Bluetooth support – or else old-fashioned USB cable connectivity will be required…

The IOIO board works with a Seed Studio alcohol sensor – which are “the brains”, says the commentator. This was uploaded by “OpenGadgets”, and it is not clear if this is the work of Michael Mitchell – a PhD Computer Science student at FSU – but Mr Mitchell does showcase similar IOIO-based examples on his website MitchTech.

For his breathalyser, he lists the parts needed as:
* Android Device (1.6+, 2.1 for Bluetooth)
* IOIO (available at Sparkfun)
* 330 ohm resistor
* Alcohol Gas Sensor MQ-3 (available at Sparkfun)
* Breadboard
* Power supply
* Hook-up wire

And he provides a link to his source code, and IOIO Bluetooth library projects…

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