App Quality Alliance updates Android app testing criteria

failed-audit.gifAhead of the formal announcement at AppsWorld in San Francisco on 7 February, the App Quality Alliance (AQuA) have previewed changes relating to their Quality App Directory.

There’s a new version of Testing Criteria for Android apps: v 1.4, which sees 15 extra tests mainly relating to games. This is the benchmark to test your apps against for inclusion within the Quality App Directory.

You’ll be able to select your app type, and the system will select the relevant tests.  Just mark them off as you do them and you’ll receive a ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ report.  Come out of a test and go back in whenever you like – the system will save your results and start back where you left off.

AQuA has also updated its best practice document, too, with changes relating to Network Utilisation and Battery Optimization.

Finally, there have been some enhancements to the developer profile information within the Quality App Directory and there is now a “Quality Badge” representing an “AQuA App Quality Stamp”, within the same directory:

Any app within the Quality App Directory with a quality level of ‘Test House-Verified’ or ‘AQuA Member -Verified’ will be able to be promoted by you with the new AQuA App Quality Stamp: a stamp of approval from AQuA, stating that the app has been ‘AQuA Verified’.  (Take a look at the Directory and see which apps have gone in there in the weeks since launch).


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