Dropbox API simplifies syncing for Android developers

dropbox-logo.pngDropbox is a popular file hosting, cloud storage service, and it’s now making further moves into the mobile arena, for Android and iOS. The company has announced the Dropbox Sync API for mobile developers. The Sync API handles such matters as caching, retrying, and file change notifications.

“Writes are local so changes are immediate. The Sync API syncs to Dropbox behind the scenes. The Sync API lets your app work great even when offline and automatically syncs when it’s back online,” states Dropbox.

On the company blog, Brian Smith writes:

Hey Developers! Get ready to add some Dropbox magic to your apps with the Sync API for iOS and Android, a powerful new library that makes it easier than ever to sync with Dropbox. The API takes care of all the complexity around caching, syncing, and working offline so that you can focus on creating the best mobile apps – it’s like having your own private Dropbox client built right into your app!

Possible applications? One given is a note taking app, that would manage saving, storage and retrieval via Dropbox…

Read more on the Dropbox website »

[Via Engadget]

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