Dynastream Innovation’s N548 wireless module supports Android-compliant ANT

Dynastream Innovation’s N548 wireless module supporting Android-compliant ANT and Bluetooth Low Energy protocols is available in the UK from IO Components.

Dynastream Innovation N548 wireless module

Dynastream Innovation N548 wireless module

Based on Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF51422 chip, this 2.4GHz wireless module is available in a small 14.0mm x 9.8mm x 2.0mm LGA (Land Grid Array) package.

The module is has integrated PCB antenna, 32kHz crystal timebase, DC-DC converter and 24 GPIOs with six analogue inputs.

It is pre-certified with FCC/IC/CE/JP/AU/NZ designations and Bluetooth qualification.

The ANT protocol is used in Android smartphones.

“The immediate attachment to the ANT+ ecosystem and iOS products, and the resource efficiencies of ANT are significant advantages of the N548 module,” added Sebastian Barnowski, Senior Applications Lead, ANT Wireless.

“With ANT’s advanced capabilities in home and commercial applications as well as sport, health and fitness, the N548 will inspire development of simple and complex devices alike,” said the supplier.
The interoperability of ANT+ with simple pairing and bi-directional sensor communications, the ANT protocol has been used in sport, fitness and health devices for over ten years.

“Users now rely on ANT to manage multiple sensors in crowded race environments, simple and complex interchanging and pairing of devices, and transferring data from multiple sensors to multiple displays simultaneously,” said the supplier.

The N548 Starter Kit, also available from IO Components, includes the N548M5CB for out-of-the-box evaluation and development.

The N548 will be featured in Nordic Semiconductor’s European Tech Tour in May 2014, coming to the UK (High Wycombe) on the 22nd. For more information please contact IO Components Ltd at enquiries@io-components.com

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