Google develops Android Studio IDE

Wow, I didn’t expect this one. Google has announced its own IDE for developing Android apps, Android Studio. The system is free and is already available to try, but note this is as an early access preview (caveat emptor).


It’s the first major announcement to come out of Google I/0 2013 underway in San Francisco (running until Friday), and what does does this mean for Eclipse, the open source IDE that has previously been the recommended path to development?

Google writes, on the Android Developers Blog:

To develop Android Studio, we cooperated with JetBrains, creators of one of the most advanced Java IDEs available today. Based on the powerful, extensible IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition, we’ve added features that are designed specifically for Android development, that simplify and optimize your daily workflow.
Extensible build tools

We know you need a build system that adapts to your project requirements but extends further to your larger development environment. Android Studio uses a new build system based on Gradle that provides flexibility, customized build flavors, dependency resolution and much more.

ide-refactorHighlighted aspects include:

  • Extensible build tools (to support larger, complex development environments Android Studio is based on Gradle – to provide “flexibility, customized build flavors, dependency resolution and much more”.)
  • Code editing (based on IntelliJ IDEA supporting static code analysis, code inspections, smart editing, and advanced code refactoring (see right).)
  • Access to Google services (“we’ve made it trivial to add services such a cloud-based backend with integrated Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) to your app, directly from the IDE.”)
  • Open source development (with contributions welcome, the Android Studio project will be in AOSP at

Note: “This is an early access preview intended for early adopters and testers who want to influence the direction of the Android tools. If you have a production app with a large installed base, there’s no need to migrate your development to the new tools at this time. We will continue to support Eclipse as a primary platform for development.”

What platforms are supported? See below.

Android Studio v0.1

Platform Package Size MD5 Checksum
382109250 bytes eb90d50a6ccd975bf19c6930c2006300
Mac OS X
371607412 bytes 119e8e7170f451bec82cfa321e53d780
400487529 bytes 62b9ce75e4b74b7c1236ea2f1f99da34

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