How Bugdroid killed Dandroid

A bit of fun, and a glimpse of an alternative future…

dandroid.jpgA bit of fun, and a glimpse of an alternative future…

Everyone the world over is familiar with the green Android android logo, but Dan Morrill tells how things could have looked very different.

“I am Ozydandius of Droid. Look on my works, ye mighty, and LOL,” he writes, of the first proposed mascots for Android (which have now turned up after some “spring cleaning on the ole NAS server”).

He was part of the team working hard for the initial announcement of Google’s Android, on 5 November 2007…

My job was developer relations, but I took a much-needed break of a couple hours and spent some quality time with Inkscape to create these… things.

See, we were prepping for an internal developer launch (meaning, we were going to ask Googlers to start fooling with the APIs and give us early feedback), and I had no eye candy for the slides we were putting together. Hence these guys.

They were popular enough, apparently, to earn the nickname “Dandroids”, before being replaced by the work of Irina Blok and her “bugdroid”…

Read the full post, and see the full range of Dandroids >>


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