Microsoft enters Sharks Cove for Intel-based driver development

Should flag this one for the record. Microsoft, and Intel and CircuitCo, have announced (for pre-order) Sharks Cove, a Windows-compatible devboard for developers to build and test drivers. See DevBoard Watch: Microsoft swims into Sharks Cove with Windows dev board.

Microsoft-Intel Sharks-Cove-Board

Why mention it on an Android blog? The key element is the Intel Atom Z3735G processor and Microsoft explicitly allows that “Sharks Cove is a development board that you can use to develop hardware and drivers for Windows and Android” (see

With support for a range of interfaces – including GPIO, I2C, I2S, UART, SDIO, Ethernet, mini USB, USB, and MIPI for Display and Camera – the target usage is Intel based tablets and mobile devices. Think ‘appcessories’.

It takes its cue from Raspberry Pi, measuring 6in x 4in, but it’s more pricey – it will be £192.99, from Mouser Electronics.

It’s also another one to note regarding Intel’s possible advance into Android territory.

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