Raspberry Pi doubles memory to accommodate Android 4.0

It is available with increased memory of 512Mbyte and the new board is in stock at distributors RS and element14.

raspberry-pi-168-2.jpgIt is available with increased memory of 512Mbyte and the new board is in stock at distributors RS and element14.

Richard Wilson writes:

The 512MB Raspberry Pi board is being manufactured in the UK by Sony UKTec.

“The extra memory also enables higher performance applications and services – there is real potential to do things like add a touchscreen, then a power back and suddenly the Pi becomes mobile,” said Mike Buffham, global head of EDE for Premier Farnell.

According to RS,  customers who have an existing order with RS or its US business, Allied, and are awaiting delivery of their 256MB Raspberry Pi, will automatically receive this upgraded version.

All new orders placed will be fulfilled with the 512MB version.

“The arrival into stock of the 512MB version is particularly good news for those customers who have waited so long for their Raspberry Pi, as they will now get a higher performance product,” said Glenn Jarrett, Global Head of Product Marketing at RS Components.

“The combination of the unparalleled demand for the product and delays in the supply of the Broadcom processor used as the core component for Raspberry Pi has created unexpectedly long lead times for our customers,” said Jarrett.

The first Raspberry Pi board was launched earlier this year the Raspberry Pi Foundation as an initiative to stimulate an interest in programming and computing  with students and school children.

“The success of the first board has been outstanding,” said Eben Upton, co-founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

“The next generation device opens up new possibilities, and can help open up the vast potential developer community,” said Eben. “We’re already seeing people starting to develop their own applications and use the Raspberry Pi in ways we would have never thought possible.”

Costing $35, the same as the previous board, the Raspberry Pi 512MB will initially be sold in one uncased configuration – which has two USB ports, 512MB of RAM, HDMI port, SD memory card slot and an Ethernet port.

The Raspberry PI 512MB board is available from Farnell element14 in Europe, Newark element14 in North America and element14 in Asia Pacific, as well as through subsidiaries CPC in the UK and MCM Electronics in the US.

The new Raspberry Pi 512MB board along with a range of exclusive new Raspberry Pi accessories will be demonstrated by element14 at Electronica in Munich from 13-16 November.

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