Android gets closer to Chrome with remote desktop app

Still catching up on last week!

Chrome desktop remote Android app

Chrome Remote Desktop app

Here’s another one I meant to note before. Strictly speaking Chrome desktop related, but there is now an Android angle.

The Chrome Remote Desktop app was first released in October 2011 in Beta form, but an app for remote access to the desktop via Android has been launched in the Play store by Google.

On The Verge, Adi Robertson writes:

Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop service, first launched in 2011, is coming to mobile. Today, the company released an Android app that will let users access their desktop computers, whether through a Chrome web app for Mac, PC, and Linux or through Chrome OS itself. Once you’ve set up your primary machine, you can launch the Android app to connect to it. GigaOm reported a few days ago that the app was in beta testing, but it’s now available to anyone with an Android phone or tablet, though doing much with the former will be a little cramped. There’s no precise date given for an iOS version, but Google says it will be coming later this year.

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Expect more tie-ins between Android and Chrome. They have the same boss of course, with Sundar Pichai adding Android to his Chrome portfolio following the departure of Andy Rubin to projects new at Google.

The long-term issue, inevitably, for Google’s strategic consideration, will be where one mobile system one ends and the other begins, exactly, and a potential merger…

[Via CNet]

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