Google tries wearables for Android size

Android and wearables aren’t an obvious connection for me, with the wearable device being a secondary element reporting back to Android. (You may say ‘smart watches’ but I would cite Samsung exiting Android for its Galaxy Gear 2 watches…)

Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch

Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch

Anyway, Google’s Android boss, Sundar Pichai, has told an audience at the SXSW conference that a wearables SDK will be released soon, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Rolfe Winkler writes:

Google plans to release its own smartwatch, which will be manufactured by LG Electronics066570.SE -0.33%. But as with the Nexus line of smartphones that Google makes, the company wants to help lay out a “vision” for other developers to power their own wearable devices.

In making it easier for developers to use Android on wearable devices, Google looks set to follow a playbook similar to the one it used in mobile devices, where it makes Android available for free to phone and tablet makers. The software kit might give Google an opportunity to attract developers and bring users deeper into an ecosystem powered by its software.


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