Microsoft turns off Android for Nokia X smartphones

A few days before it completed its move to Microsoft back in February, Nokia – after many rumours – finally embraced Android with new X, X+ and XL phones.

Nokia Android XL - MWC 2014

Nokia Android XL – MWC 2014

Well, it seems Microsoft has now performed an about turn.

The BBC is reporting that the Nokia X models will become part of the Lumia range and run the Windows Phone operating system (although existing Android handsets will be supported),

Joe Miller writes:

The release of the smartphones, which were priced at the lower end of the market, was described as a “perplexing strategic move” at the time, given that Microsoft had its own mobile operating system, Windows Phone.

In an email to employees on Thursday, Stephen Elop, Microsoft’s executive in charge of mobile devices, announced that Android handsets were being phased out.

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