Surrey Uni wants to send your Android app into space…

…to control a satellite, take pictures of the Earth, and more

surrey-space-centre.jpg…to control a satellite, take pictures of the Earth, and more

We have reported before on researchers sending a smartphone into space – see our photo gallery Southampton Uni and Atmospheric Research

That was Southampton University, using a HTC smartphone running Windows Phone 7 to probe the stratosphere… Well, now the University of Surrey is getting in on the act, too. University researchers at the Surrey Space Centre and engineers at Surrey Satellite Technology will work together, reports the BBC, on some smartphone-based investigations.

The team are also running a public competition to find a custom Android app to run on the phone while it is in space.

According to the BBC:

Researchers will choose the four most creative, novel and fun not-for-profit apps to run on the Android phone.

The competition is being run on Facebook and the winners will be invited to mission control.

The main purpose of the experiment is to use the phone to control a satellite and take pictures of the Earth.

“Today’s mobile phones are incredibly powerful and hold huge potential for low cost research missions,” said Dr Chris Bridges, based at the Surrey Space Centre.

“We want to encourage the UK’s budding scientists and programmers to come up with exciting new ideas to harness this exciting technology in space.”



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  1. I think this must deserve some kind of prize for the most totally inappropriate use of a Smartphone.
    And another for the most totally inappropriate choice for an embedded control platform!

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