AMD overlooks the Smartphone market, but not Tablets…

amd-logo.jpgOne leading processor company that has been absent from Android talk is AMD… A senior executive has admitted that it has left the smartphone processor space to the likes of Intel and AMD. It seems AMD believes the company’s strengths in graphics ‘don’t lend themselves to the handset segment,’ reports PC World. Instead, it is Tablets that may attract them…

SVP and product group manager Rick Bergman has been talking at the Pacific Crest Securities Technology Leadership Forum in Vail, Colorado

Agam Shah writes:

Smartphones are constrained on battery, pixels and screen space, and AMD has other areas it can focus on in order to grow, said Rick Bergman, senior vice president and general manager for AMD’s product group during the Pacific Crest Securities Technology Leadership Forum in Vail, Colorado. The company sees an opportunity to apply its graphics and chip technologies to tablets, where customers are demanding better video and battery life.”We haven’t announced any plans to go in that handheld space. We’ve got plenty of opportunities… in server, notebook and now tablets, that’s our immediate focus. But if the right circumstances come up and we can see a way to impact the market, we’ll obviously continue to look,” Bergman said.

For the record, AMD revealed its Z-Series chips for Tablets in June, aka AMD Accelerated Processors for HD Tablets. The series is to start with the low power chip called the AMD Z-01. With a dual-core X86 architecture, it features a 1 GHz dual core CPU and Radeon HD 6250 graphics, reported Liliputing, with support for hardware accelerated 3D graphics and 1080p HD video playback.

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