Arduino myths or misunderstandings

Here’s an interesting blog post that may be worth five or ten minutes of your time – 5 Myths Everyone Believes about Arduino (that aren’t true)

Arduino Robot_Bottom

James Lewis – aka the Bald Engineer – tackles points he has obviously tackled numerous times before in his career, when discussing the Arduino devboards. They come from both new-comers and veteran users, he notes.

Check out the post for the full details, but the five “myths” are:

  1. The Arduino uses its own Language
  2. Pin 13 Has a Resistor
  3. Commercial products don’t use Arduino
  4. analogWrite() is Analog
  5. The Header Spacing was a mistake (or it wasn’t.)

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  1. Hi, for the record, I nor my web site am affiliated with Atmel. Thanks for posting my article though! Totally appreciate it.

  2. You’re welcome, James. Thanks for the info – I’ll correct the article to make that clear.

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