Arduino powers remote chess moves in (almost) real time

There may be many things you could do with a robotic arm capable of moving in two dimensions, but how about using Arduino to provide the physical moves of a remote chess game?

Arduino chess

You make a move on your board and the system wirelessly transmits the info for the corresponding to move to take place on your opponent’s board. They make a move, and you see the piece move on your own board…

FunGowRightNow12 has documented the Wireless Arduino Powered Chess project on YouTube:

Our goal is to allow people to connect and play board games with each other from anywhere in the world. By combing a physical board with modern technology, we hope to bring a more interpersonal experience that is not achieved through a computer screen. See our other videos for a look inside the system and how moves such as castling and en passant are handled.

A view of the device’s insides:



But chess isn’t draughts, there are lots of weird and wonderful moves and exceptions (en passant, castling, illegal moves). How are these handled?



Time to see the system in full, game glory: (I like it when a taken piece makes its own humble way to the sidelines, on the remote board!)



Impressive stuff!

You know, it kinda reminds me of Ol’ El Ajedrecista (“The Chess player”) – see El Ajedrecista, the first (chess playing) computer game

[Via Technabob]


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