DevBoard Watch: Arduino Intel Galileo and Arduino TRE

Arduino has announced the high-powered Arduino TRE and an entry-level collaboration with Intel.

Arduino Intel Galileo board

Arduino Intel Galileo board

The Intel Galileo board, it says, is the first product in a new family of Arduino Certified boards featuring Intel architecture. The platform is aimed at beginners and for those “looking to take designs to the next level”.

It’s meant to be a means for quickly prototyping simple interactive designs (LED light displays that respond to social media is one example quoted) or more complex projects such as home automation.

Intel Galileo will be available by November 29, 2013.

Arduino is also working with Texas Instruments (TI) to use its Sitara AM335x processor in what will be known as the Arduino TRE. This will give developers, they say, up to 100 times more performance than they get on the Arduino Leonardo or Uno.

The idea is that this performance opens the doors to more advanced Linux-powered applications, opening the door to running high-performance desktop applications, processing-intensive algorithms or high-speed communications.

Arduino TRE

Arduino TRE

The Arduino TRE is two Arduinos in one: the Sitara-processor-based Linux Arduino plus a full AVR-based Arduino, while leveraging the simplicity of the Arduino software experience. The integration of the AVR Arduino enables the Arduino TRE to use the existing shield ecosystem so that innovators can expand the Arduino TRE to develop a wide range of high-performance applications such as 3D printers, gateways for building automation and lighting automation, telemetry hubs that collect data from nearby sensors wirelessly, and other connected applications that require host control plus real-time operations.

In addition, the Arduino TRE is partially the result of a close collaboration between Arduino and the foundation. These open hardware pioneers share a passion for expanding open source development and making technology accessible for artists, designers and hobbyists. The TRE design builds upon the experience of both Arduino and, combining the benefits of both community based boards.

“By choosing TI’s Sitara AM335x processor to power the Arduino TRE, we’re enabling customers to leverage the capabilities of an exponentially faster processor running full Linux,” said Massimo Banzi, co-founder, Arduino.

“Our customers now have a scalable portfolio at their fingertips, from the microcontroller-based Uno to the TRE Linux computer.”

The Arduino TRE is expected to be available in spring 2014.

Arduino TRE - side

Arduino TRE – side



  1. A silly ‘good idea’, Arduino Uno is obsolete with his 5 V logic,
    this choice (Uno) is absurd..

    We want the TI controller with Arduino Due, perhaps an Arduino Quatro ?

  2. I work for Mouser Electronics and we now have the Intel Galileo available for pre-order on our website. We’ll be getting the first shipments of stock in mid-November.


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