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Electronic Gadgets – Electronics Blog Awards 08


Electronics Weekly has launched a search for the best Electronics blogs, with its first ever Electronics Blog Awards. There are three categories: Mobile Comms, Electronics Hardware and Electronic Gadgets.

WitnessCam, super flashlight in top 10 gadgets


Coming in first this month was the Gadget master special featuring 7 designs that will make any house a safe and happy home. Alberto Ricci Bitti’s award-winning design, the WitnessCam, came in a close second, providing a cheaper and more practical alternative to off-the-shelf surveillance systems. Rounding out the top three was the super flashlight, when the humble family torch ...

Top 10 Gadget Masters – March


Looking at the most popular Gadget Masters this month, we realised there must have been a Star Wars convention this month we didn’t hear about, because the most popular entry was the remarkable LED lightsaber. May the force be with you. Closely following behind was the rotating LED display gadget, and Andrew’s headphone amp snapping at the LED gadget’s heels. ...

Top 10 Gadget Masters

It’s that time of the month again where we take at look at what were the most popular Gadget Masters for February. 1. Pete decided to give his lamp a facelift Making an ordinary lamp a work of art Seeing great potential in a normal, off-the-shelf product, Pete Griffiths designed a circuit he popped into the lamp to give it ...

Top 10 Gadget Masters of 2007


Which gadgets proved to the most popular, the most inspirational, the most talked about? The definitive list of this year’s most popular entries in the award-winning Gadget Master blog was chosen by you – the readers. Without further ado, it’s our pleasure to present the Top 10 Gadget Masters of 2007. 1. Neuroti-Kart: Home-made electric go-kart After extensive tinkering in ...

Top 10 Most Read Entries

Want to be the first to know what other people are reading about? Slay your appetite with October’s Top 10 Most Read Gadget Masters. 1. Can you turn a Pringles can into a WiFi antenna? Apparently so. The jury’s still out as to whether these guys have way too much time on their hands or if this is simply a ...

Top 10 Most Read Blog Entries


September’s list of Top 10 Most Read Blog Entries proved to be a mixed bag. Leading the charge was Steampunk Workshop’s keyboard makeover, followed by a device created to help minimise car damage and to make parking your car in the garage a little bit easier. 1. Retro keyboard not just a pretty face Jake, proprietor of the Steampunk Workshop ...

Top 10 Most Read Entries


The most read Gadget Master entries for the month of August was a mixed bag, ranging from an inventor’s home-made electric go-kart, through to a handy gadget that makes night reading a lot easier, along with a martini mixer still going strong after its debut in Gadget Master more than one month ago. Find out what everyone else is reading. ...

Satirical science has the last laugh


The team at online satirical science magazine, Null Hypothesis, the Journal of Unlikely Science, will be quite chuffed to hear their pride and joy is a finalist in this year’s Arena 02 X Entrepreneur of Year Award. 02’s partnership with Arena magazine acknowledges and celebrates entrepreneurs with a talent for cutting-edge innovation, creative vision and exceptional business drive. The Null ...