Satirical science has the last laugh

The team at online satirical science magazine, Null Hypothesis, the Journal of Unlikely Science, will be quite chuffed to hear their pride and joy is a finalist in this year’s Arena 02 X Entrepreneur of Year Award. 02’s partnership with Arena magazine acknowledges and celebrates entrepreneurs with a talent for cutting-edge innovation, creative vision and exceptional business drive. The Null Hypothesis team will be attending the massive p*ss up awards ceremony in posh Knightsbridge this Thursday, July 5. The brainchild of Mark Steer, Andrew Impey and David Hall, who currently teach at the University of Bristol, Null Hypothesis came into the world as a print-format rag back in 2004. Although extremely successful in print, the trip took the leap to appearing exclusively in an online format in 2006. The risk paid off, with audience numbers increasing five-fold. Null Hypothesis offers a new and non-exclusive approach to science, which allows any raving lunatic member of the online community the ability to contribute. Null Hypothesis co-founder Mark Steer said, “According to the Confederation of British Industry, science in the UK is in trouble as it labours under a stuffy, boring image, and government figures show that students are currently turning away from it in droves. “As academics we wanted to challenge the current image of science in the media by highlighting the weird and wacky side and prove that science can be enjoyed by everyone.” Good luck, chaps. We’re confident the first round on Thursday night will be on them. award1.jpg

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