Top 10 Most Read Entries

The most read Gadget Master entries for the month of August was a mixed bag, ranging from an inventor’s home-made electric go-kart, through to a handy gadget that makes night reading a lot easier, along with a martini mixer still going strong after its debut in Gadget Master more than one month ago.

Find out what everyone else is reading.

1. Neuroti-Kart: Home-made electric go-kart

The Neuroti-Kart is made from an advanced electric DC motor, with four 12V car batteries and a frame constructed from home gas pipes. We assume the inventor is now starving and sitting in a freezing cold house, but at least he’s got a cool go-kart.

2. Some fridges are always alarmed

A fridge that’s alert for midnight snacks. Italian inventor Flavio Dellepiane designed a 3V-battery powered fridge alarm that beeps if you leave the door open for longer than 20 seconds.

3. Build a clock out of your old hard drive

Give that old hard drive that has been gathering dust in your room a new lease of life by re-inventing it as a clock.

4. Introducing the 22 Watt audio amplifier

Quite compact, the audio amplifier can be used with a car audio system, a booster for speakers in a home theatre system or to give your computer’s speakers some extra power.

5. Snake + Oil = SnOil

Award-winning designer Martin Frey created a device based on the classic arcade game.

6. Lights, camera … staircase!

Alan Parekh designed a stair lighting kit that illuminates the stairs in your home in an aesthically pleasing way.

7. Bright Lightwedge gadget

Loyal Gadget Master reader sent in this link to what she sure is to revolutionise reading at night time. The Lightwedge device is attached to your book and illumintaes the page only, without glare and without the floodlight effect of some book lights.

8. Build your own electronic distance meter

Wichit Sirichote created this device to measure the distance while on a bicycle.

9. One hour microcontroller how-to

James shows us how to use a Picaxe microcontroller for easy and inexpensive microcontroller projects. With one hour and $15 in parts, you are up and running with a microcontroller.

10. Chris knew the secret to a great martini

This old chestnut has proved to be one of Gadget Master’s most popular and is still hanging in the top 10 weeks after it was first published. Chris built this home-made blender entirely out of junk and it seems electrical engineers just can’t get enough of this wonderful invention. Cheers!


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