Gadget Book: BeagleBone Robotic Projects

BeagleBone Robotic Projects book

Anything to do with BeagleBone catches my interest, so I’m happy to flag this one – a new book that may be of interest to Gadget Masters:  BeagleBone Robotic Projects, written by Richard Grimmett.

The publishers write:

BeagleBone Robotic Projects provides step-by-step instructions to allow anyone to use this new, low cost platform in some fascinating robotics projects. By the time readers are finished, their projects will be able to see, speak, listen, detect their surroundings, and move in a variety of amazing ways. The book begins with unpacking and powering up the components. This will include guidance on what to purchase and how to connect it all successfully, and a primer on programming the BeagleBone Black.

It wil cost £14.99 as an e-book, and £27.99 for the print version plus the eBook plus PacktLib access.

The table of contents, to give you a guide, is as follows:

  • Preface
  • Chapter 1: Getting Started with the BeagleBone Black
  • Chapter 2: Programming the BeagleBone Black
  • Chapter 3: Providing Speech Input and Output
  • Chapter 4: Allowing the BeagleBone Black to See
  • Chapter 5: Making the Unit Mobile – Controlling Wheeled Movement
  • Chapter 6: Making the Unit Very Mobile – Controlling Legged Movement
  • Chapter 7: Avoiding Obstacles Using Sensors
  • Chapter 8: Going Truly Mobile – Remote Control of Your Robot
  • Chapter 9: Using a GPS Receiver to Locate Your Robot
  • Chapter 10: System Dynamics
  • Chapter 11: By Land, Sea, and Air

The author is robotics expert Richard Grimmett, who has 26 years of experience in the Radar and Telecommunications industries, and now teaches Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Brigham Young University, Idaho.

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Note PACKT Publishing also do these two related books:

Building a Home Security System with BeagleBone (Bill Pretty)
Build your own state-of-the-art security system, monitoring your system from anywhere you can receive e-mail

BeagleBone Home Automation (Juha Lumme)
Practical approach to home automation using BeagleBone; starting from the very basics of GPIO control and progressing up to building a complete home automation solution

Packt is a new one to me, and sounds an interesting publisher. They describe themselves as follows:

Packt is one of the most prolific and fast-growing tech book publishers in the world. Originally focused on open source software, Packt pays a royalty on relevant books directly to open source projects. These projects have received over $400,000 as part of Packt’s Open Source Royalty Scheme to date.

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