Tearing down Android Wear watches

We like Teardowns on Gadget Master, and this one involves the latest in wearable technology, Android Wear.

LG G Watch Teardown - Front PCB

LG G Watch Teardown – Front PCB

The devices in question are the Moto 360 and the LG ‘G’ Watch, with ARM doing the tearing…

In a blog post David Maidment takes a look at the hardware. Both watches are powered by the ARM Cortex A7-based Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, he notes.

The challenge when designing a wearable device such as a watch is to couple small form factor with long battery life, after all the watches only have a capacity of around 300mAh due to their relatively small size as compared to almost 3000mAh in a typical high end smartphone.

ARM Cortex-A7 represents the perfect balance of performance coupled with ultra-low power ensuring that the Android Wear watches deliver the very best user experience. It is exciting to see how ARM and its partners lead innovation in the wearables space and in turn bring new ultra-efficient classes of wearable devices to reality.

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