The IOIO Android breakout board competition

Time for another competition! The theme we are taking for this one is Google’s Android platform. So, taking a cue from a previous Gadget Master post – Android phones hack their way with IOIO breakout  – let’s have an Android related prize!


The IOIO board (pronounced “YoYo”), from SparkFun, is an easy way to get I/O from an Android smartphone’s USB connection (OS versions 1.5 and greater). The board uses a Java API to hook into your phone’s app, and this means you can extend the functionality of the phone out to external sensors and controls! It would set you back $50 online dollars to buy.

Here’s the January/February compo!

The prize question:

As always, we’ll keep the format familiar and straightforward: correctly answer this question for a chance of winning the IO board.

The recent Android advances to centre stage featured a number of posts touching on the Android platform. But which one has an image containing the text “Droid 1 Activity”?

Once you know the correct response, just email stating the title of the blog post that has the correct image in it.

The competition closes end of play Friday 24 February.

Good luck!

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