Gadget Watch: ReSound LiNX Bluetooth Smart hearing aid

“The world’s smartest hearing aid.” This is the boast of the iOS-friendly ReSound LiNX, a hearing aid built on Nordic Semiconductor’s Bluetooth Smart system. The Nordic nRF51822 SoC, to be precise.

Bluetooth Smart hearing aid

Bluetooth Smart hearing aid

A fully-integrated wireless ‘Receiver-in-the-Ear’, it can receive high stereo audio direct from iOS devices – think iPhone or iPad. It doesn’t require an intermediary remote or accessory, which – says GN ReSound – is a drawback of traditional hearing aid designs.

Audio settings can be customised via the accompanying ReSound Smart app.

According to the company, the ReSound LiNX hearing aids run off the second-to-smallest standard hearing aid battery size called a ‘312’ (7.9mm diameter, 3.6mm tall, typical battery capacity 160mAh), and employs a Nordic nRF51822 in its smallest wafer-level chip scale package (WLCSP) option (3.5 x 3.8mm).

“An individual’s hearing doesn’t typically fail completely or suddenly,” comments GN ReSound VP of Brand Management, Ditlev Friis. “It will tend to deteriorate over time in one or both ears in a very subjective way because of the unique manner in which each person’s hearing and mind work. The problem is that negative perceptions surrounding traditional hearing aid products have unfortunately resulted in most people putting off buying a hearing aid for up to seven years after they would benefit.”

ReSound LiNX“The ReSound LiNX is designed to change all that by offering class-leading natural-sounding audio reproduction and real quality-of-life improvements to the hearing impaired in a discrete and miniaturized product form-factor that they will find a joy to use and not be embarrassed to own. That was our stated mission from day one, and that is what we feel we have achieved in the ReSound LiNX which we consider to be a triumph in accessibility and acceptability for the hearing impaired.” 

nRF51822 Evaluation Kit

nRF51822 Evaluation Kit





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