Gadget Book: Getting Started with Bluetooth Smart

Gadget Master seems to be increasingly concerned with Bluetooth Smart, what with the rise of the smartphone and the IoT and promise of everything talking to everything else if only someone writes a killer app…

Getting Started with Bluetooth Low Energy

Getting Started with Bluetooth Low Energy

Well this book caught my eye, published by O’Reilly, and it may help a budding Gadget Master get to grips with Bluetooth Smart low power comms. It’s title is self explanatory: “Getting Started with Bluetooth Low Energy (Tools and Techniques for Low-Power Networking)”

I’m tempted to get it myself.

The publisher writes:

With Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), smart devices are about to become even smarter. This practical guide demonstrates how this exciting wireless technology helps developers build mobile apps that share data with external hardware, and how hardware engineers can gain easy and reliable access to mobile operating systems.

This book provides a solid, high-level overview of how devices use BLE to communicate with each other. You’ll learn useful low-cost tools for developing and testing BLE-enabled mobile apps and embedded firmware and get examples using various development platforms – including iOS and Android for app developers and embedded platforms for product designers and hardware engineers.

  • Understand how data is organized and transferred by BLE devices
  • Explore BLE’s concepts, key limitations, and network topology
  • Dig into the protocol stack to grasp how and why BLE operates
  • Learn how BLE devices discover each other and establish secure connections
  • Set up the tools and infrastructure for BLE application development
  • Get examples for connecting BLE to iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and sensors
  • Develop code for a simple device that transmits heart rate data to a mobile device

Publishing details of Getting Started with Bluetooth Low Energy

  • Publisher: O’Reilly Media Formats:
  • Print Ebook Safari Books Online
  • Print: May 2014 Ebook: April 2014
  • Pages: 180
  • Print ISBN:978-1-4919-4951-1 | ISBN 10:1-4919-4951-1Ebook ISBN:978-1-4919-0057-4 | ISBN 10:1-4919-0057-1

The authors are:

  • Carles Cufí of Nordic Semiconductor, who worked on the the company’s first Bluetooth Smart chip, the nRF8001
  • Kevin Townsend, lead engineer at Adafruit Industries
  • Akiba, who runs FreakLabs, an open source wireless company, and is a design consultant to the United Nations (his specialty is in sensor networks for environmental monitoring)
  • Robert Davidson, who runs Ambient Sensors, a company focused on sensors and wireless sensor networks

“Bluetooth Smart has created an enormous amount of interest in ultra low power wireless technology, and in particular a wave of crowd-funded startups whose founders may have some experience in embedded or software programming but little or no experience in RF or Bluetooth wireless technology who may find the full 2000-page Bluetooth Core Specification v4.1 daunting,” says Cufí.

“This book extracts the key parts of the Bluetooth Core Specification v4.1 relating to Bluetooth Smart wireless technology, and presents them in a highly accessible format designed to give readers a sound grasp of the key concepts they will need in order to find their way around the Bluetooth Core Specification themselves, and so ultimately fast-track the development of their Bluetooth Smart projects and products.”

Read more information on the O’Reilly website »

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