Google Code-In winners heading to San Francisco

There are many ways for a Gadget Master to demonstrate their Meisterdom, but how about getting involved with open source projects, some of which are commonly used across the world?

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For example, Google has just announced the winners of its Google Code-In initiative that aims to get pre-university students interested in working with open source organizations to write code, fix bugs, create documentation or generally help out…

The open source organisations that part to support Google’s initiative include: KDE, Haiku, Sugar Labs, Drupal, Wikimedia, Copyleft Games Group, Apertium, and Sahana Software Foundation.

On the Google Developers blog, announcing the winners, Stephanie Taylor writes:

Over the last seven weeks, 337 teenagers from 46 countries have been busy working with open source organizations to write code, fix bugs, create documentation and find creative ways to get other students interested in participating in open source, completing a total of 2,113 tasks. Congratulations to all of the students who participated in this year’s contest! You should all be very proud of yourselves.

For their grand prize trip the 20 prize winning students will be flown to Google’s Mountain View, California headquarters, along with a parent, in mid April for a four night trip. The students will have the chance to talk with Google engineers, take part in an awards ceremony and explore San Francisco.

This year the winners will also get the chance to meet their mentor from the sponsoring organisation, who will join them on their grand prize trip.

What sort of things did the winners do? Google provides descriptions of a few of the tasks in the students’ own words:

The task was about creating a screencast of coding a Hello world module for Drupal 8. It was an ordinary task but it helped me gain recognition in the whole Drupal community. The video was also appreciated and discussed on social networks. – Vijay Nandwani, India – Drupal

One of my favourite tasks was revamping the “other languages” feature on the mobile Wikipedia, for which I both added features and noticeably reduced page load times. – Theo Patt, United States – Wikimedia

My favourite task was to modify DriveSetup to make the window zoom-able. It seemed like a simple task but I was still unfamiliar with the Haiku API, so there was a bit of challenge to it. – Freeman Lou, United States – Haiku

I added support for new types of Flickr URLs for UploadWizard extension for MediaWiki. – Mateusz Mackowski, Poland – Wikimedia

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