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raspberry-pi-store.pngGet coding, get sharing…

Here’s a very interesting development, and a great idea. The team behind the Raspberry Pi project are introducing the Pi Store – the Pi’s answer to the Apple App Store or Google Play…

Running as an X application under Raspbian, it allows you to download content, and to upload your own for moderation and release.

The Raspbian distro will now feature the store, so every Pi user can see the software that is available. You can choose to make your software free or paid for, but the store also has a “tip jar mechanism”, so even if you’re not charging you may get some financial benefit, if people really like it. That may tempt quite a few Gadget Masters!

The team writes:

“We’ve been amazed by the variety of software that people have written for, or ported to, the Raspberry Pi. Today, together with our friends at IndieCity and Velocix, we’re launching the Pi Store to make it easier for developers of all ages to share their games, applications, tools and tutorials with the rest of the community. The Pi Store will, we hope, become a one-stop shop for all your Raspberry Pi needs; it’s also an easier way into the Raspberry Pi experience for total beginners, who will find everything they need to get going in one place, for free.”

Apparently, at launch, there 23 free titles in the store: “from utilities like LibreOffice and Asterisk to classic games like Freeciv and OpenTTD and Raspberry Pi exclusive Iridium Rising”.

“We hope that the Pi Store will provide young people with a way to share their creations with a wider audience, and maybe to a make a little pocket money along the way; as well as offering commercial developers an easy way to get their software seen by the Raspberry Pi community. To start with, we’ll be encouraging the winners of our Summer Programming Contest to upload their entries to the store. Anybody can submit their own project for moderation and release. You can choose whether to make your content free or paid: the store has a tip jar mechanism, so even if you’re not charging (and not charging will get you far more downloads), you still have the opportunity to make some money from your development work if people really like it. You can submit binaries, raw Python code, images, audio or video; and soon you’ll be able to submit Scratch content too. Raspberry Pi-related media of all kinds also has a place in the Pi Store – we’re carrying the MagPi, and hope to be able to host as many of your homebrew tutorials there as possible. We’re hoping to see everything, from hobbyist content to full-blown commercial software.”

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