Poll: Which development board are you using?

Let’s run a quick devkit popularity poll. It’s an obvious question to ask on Gadget Master – which, if any, development board are you using?

BeagleBone Black

We’ve written about an Arduino add-on today – see the Pixy vision sensor add-on – but of course there are also all the various BeagleBoard variants, many Arduinos, PIC development, and the hugely popular Raspberry Pi…

Which is your favourite Dilbert character?

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  1. Well spotted, Jason. Have made the change!

  2. Well spotted, Bill. And about the BeagleBone White, must admit that one is new to me, I’ll have to look into it – what we needed was an “Other” field where people could enter their own.

  3. You might want to change “Beagle Board Black” to “BeagleBone Black”.

  4. Alun,

    I think you mean BeagleBone Black, as there is no Beagle Board Black. And you may wish to list the BeagleBone White as well.

  5. I think you may be right, Joe! I considered phrasing the question “your primary” board but thought that would be more wordy than necessary, assuming people had a favourite…

    It’s more complicated than it looks, this poll thing! I failed my Psephology o-level at school 😉

  6. You really should have made those checkboxes. I’d say many (most?) will fall into the “More than one” category.

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