RaZberry daughter card offers home control – CES

Its the Raspberry Pi Z-Wave daughter card, dubbed the RaZberry, for home control products.

itemid-55440-getasset.jpgI know we are getting a bit Raspberry Pi heavy on Gadget Master, but here’s an interesting one coming out of CES in Las Vegas.

Its the Raspberry Pi Z-Wave daughter card, dubbed the RaZberry, for home control products.

Steve Bush reports:

Z-Wave Alliance member Z-Wave.me has introduced a home control daughter card for Raspberry Pi.

Called RaZberry (top of the picture), the hardware module pushes onto Raspberry Pi’s I/O connector. There is also a protocol stack and firmware, “as well as a license for Z-Way, which is the controller software that the Raspberry Pi requires in order to be able to read the Z-Wave wireless protocol”, said the Z-Wave Alliance.

“There are now more than 700 certified home control products and services available in the Z-Wave Alliance portfolio, such lighting, air conditioning, windows, door locks, sensors and actuators,” said the Alliance. “Raspberry Pi provides the access to user control from smart phones, tablets, browsers, HDMI devices and the cloud.”

The software provides users with an initial user interface demo, through which the functionality of the interface can be tested.

“It also includes a JSON (Java Script Object Notation) interface integrated into the software. JSON is a compact data format which provides both humans and machines with an easy to read text format, which makes it possible for programming novices to create their own user interfaces for iPhones, Android phones and web browsers,” claimed the Alliance.

Z-Wave is a proprietary (non-open-source) wireless mesh system operating in the 900MHz ISM band. Specifically tailored for home automation, it offers 40kbit/s maximum data throughput. “In the event of a broad-scale commercial deployment with a large number of components being connected, users can acquire additional Z-Way software licenses from Z-Wave.me,” said the Alliance.

There is Z-Wave-related open-source activity.

The kit price is €49.

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