DIY customisable electric skateboard

The LaGrange L1 Kit is an “electric longboard” for motorising your skateboard. It’s an initiative that’s still seeking funding but the idea is that you can fully customise the DIY kit as an alternative to buying a fully-made version. “You can choose your own deck, chuck and wheels,” say the makers…

LaGrange L1

Elements of the system include the skateboard truck, a motor, a battery, radio remote control, an electronic speed controller, software and a USB connector… Fully charged, they can go 10 – 15 miles.

Check out the video below to see the system in action.

“Even the electronics are programmable,” boast the makers on the company’s Kickstarter page (a website for crowd-funding initiatives). “So, anything you want to customize – you can!”

The kit will include:

  •     The LaGrange L1 Universal Motorized Skateboard Truck
  •     A single 3200 watt (4.3 hp) premium brushless outrunner motor
  •     An adjustable Electronic Speed Controller (ESC – Mamba Monster by Castle Creations)
  •     Robust hobby-grade wireless remote controller with signal lock (DX2E by Spektrum)
  •     10Ah rechargeable battery pack and charger
  •     Optional color-matched front truck by Surf Rodz

Note that there is no battery pictured on the board. It comes separate, for obvious reasons:

For our completes and the intended kit configuration, the battery is separate from the board (carried in a backpack), which preserves the traditional skateboard weight and handling, and also allows for easy carrying and swapping of multiple batteries for extended travel range. The battery pack plugs into the board (don’t worry, it’s equipped with an emergency quick-disconnect power cable), and you control the speed and braking via wireless remote. With your own kit, or just the LaGrange L1 truck, you can, of course, put the battery wherever you like; even attached to the board.

The team behind the LaGrange L1 is hoping to set up a production and assembly facility next month and be ready for a first production run in February 2013.

The pledge total is $4,480 so far.

Read the full details >>

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