The MagPi builds a Pi oscilloscope

The magazine devoted to all things Raspberry Pi, The MagPi, has published its latest issue. As always, it’s available for free download.

The MagPi - June 2014

What’s in the June (#24) issue? There’s an article describing how to use the Raspberry Pi as a 10 Msps scope, how to build a spectrophotometer using the Raspberry Pi and Wolfram language,  using Python with the module ‘Turtle’ to produce LOGO-style graphics, and a look at C++ and object-object communication

There’s also an interview with Carrie Anne Philbin from the Raspberry Pi foundation on the first Picademy, and much more!

The magazine is edited by Ash Stone, and you can view an electronic page turning version with issuu and also view it in the PDF format.

You can view all the back issues, too »

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