National pie week ends on a Pi high

The clever little Rasbperry Pi was the big story last week, with it’s Cambridge-based inventors all over the national news as well as education and electronics websites.

Suppliers’ websites collapsed under the strain, and it became clear that the developer board, aimed initially at engaging schoolchildren with the idea of learning about what goes on inside the computer, had caught the public imagination.

(I have to say that as a parent I was outraged when my teenaged sons had to learn how to do a ‘mail merge’ in Office for their ICT lessons, but that’s a whole other story).

So what are the lucky few who managed to get hold of a Pi from that first batch going to do with them? According to reports from the BBC applications range from a man in Carrickfergus who wants to build it into a 1980s sports car, another who wants to use it for in-car entertainment. The list also includes setting up a weather station, an online radio station, using it to create a bridge to a Lego Robot.

Raspberry Pi’s own forum already boast over 23,000 posts, so the buzz is still building.

Gadget Master is keen to hear from any readers who are embarking on a Pi-making adventure – let us know how you get on – and keep up to date with the latest on Electronics Weekly where we’ve been writing about it since May 2011.

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