Raspberry Pi becomes a complete computer, with Arduino

There could be a new single-box computer out there if this Raspberry Pi project on Kickstarter comes through.


Folks at a company called GeekRoo had the idea of fitting all the messy bits needed to run a Raspberry Pi, including the Pi and lots more, into one neat box.

The result is a mini-ITX-compatible PCB that will go into a mini-ITX box, or a custom acrylic box.

Onto that 17x17cm PCB is built a power supply (3.3, 5 and 12V) and an Arduino UNO. “You can use this built-in Arduino to control the ON/OFF of the Fairywren, or talk to the XBee, or control the cooling fan,” said Geekroo.

Fairywren is the name of the PCB, named aftr a small active Australian bird, and there is room on the board for a Raspberry Pi, and XBee, and also “you can mount either a 2.5in HDD or a standard Arduino on the Fairywren board”, said GeekRoo.

GeekRooBoxPower goes onto the board via a standard ATX 24pin socket, and there is a built-in 4-port USB hub, as well as a real-time clock and built-in IR remote module “wonderful for XBMC”, said the firm.


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  1. why is it that when Australians do something it’s old news by the time the rest of the world wakes up to it?

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