RaspMap maps Raspberry Pi components

Maybe a true Gadget Master knows every component on a Raspberry Pi board? Maybe.



I’m not talking about the HDMI connector or the P2 audio plug, but what about the linear regulator or the ultra low dropout regulator?…

Check out this resource, the RaspMap on http://raspmap.tsar.in, which attempts to document the details. Maybe a godsend for teachers, I imagine, being pestered by would-be know-alls…

The people behind it write:

This site is a map of virtually all components of raspberry pi(rev2) in a single image, 25 of them you can click and will open the datasheet, you can see values of all capacitors and resistors, some of components have some information.

This website uses css3 transform and some browsers lack this feature, therefore we recommend recent versions of Firefox or Chrome until improvements in the code to support old browsers

Cue Monty Python and the Holy Grail joke –

Q: Exactly how many components are there on a Raspberry Pi board?
A: Model-A or Model-B?
Q: … I don’t know!

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