There'll always be Amiga – enter the Pi powered version

It seems there’ll always be Amiga, constantly re-invented in new form – here comes the Amiga Pi, employing the Raspberry Pi as the engine for some antique personal computing.

Amiga 1200 Pi

Check out this Gadget Master’s website » He shares some photos, and Amiga/Pi aficionados should note that he is willing to build the device to order.

He writes:

I have first installed on the left the Ethernet adapter with some Patafix, well pressed to fix it. I have connected the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet adapter and reordered the cable.
After in the next Amiga port I have fixed always with some Patafix the HDMI cable with the female port looking outside. I have reordered the cable.

As before, I have fixed the RCA adapter and connected the RCA cables and reordered. Fixed the Raspberry Pi in 4 parts with patafix with SD card and power supply connector facing outside Amiga.
Update coming soon when Keyrah arrives…

A1200 Raspberry Pi loaded with RISC OSPictured (right) is his A1200 Raspberry Pi loaded with RISC OS. He says “it works great, sounds works, the screen resolution is 1920×1080 and Internet is out of the box. GREAT JOB RISC OS!!!”

This is his parts list:

  • A1200 Case
  • A1200 Keyboard
  • A1200 Led
  • HDMI Male to Female cable
  • RCA 3 way Adapter
  • RCA Cables (Audio L,R and Video)
  • Ethernet Adapter
  • Ethernet Cable
  • 4 ports USB Hub
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Raspberry Pi Power Supply
  • SD 4GB
  • AEROS SD image
  • Keyrah Amiga 1200
  • UHU Patafix



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