A coffee please Rapiro, my little Raspberry Pi powered humanoid

Meet Rapiro, he’s a little programmable humanoid. According to its makers, “Rapiro can walk with its feet, can grip a pen, and can turn its head and waist”. He can even make you coffee, in theory.

Rapiro CoffeeMaker1

The Japanese robot kit comes complete with an Arduino-compatible servo controller (it has a total of 12 servo motors: one for its neck, one for its waist, four for the two feet, and six for its two arms).

On the KickStarter crowdfunding website, the company writes:
RAPIRO: Looks small, acts large, its limitless possibilities all depend on how you program it.

  • Low cost, 1/4th the price of current aesthetic robot kits.
  • Low cost, 1/10th the price of current linux-powered humanoid robot kits.
  • Rapiro 2Comes with 12 servo motors and full-color LED of eyes.
  • Easy assembly. Anyone can assemble a RAPIRO with only a screwdriver, without the need for any soldering.
  • The servo control board is programmable and is completely compatible with the Arduino.
  • Designed to mount the Raspberry Pi and Camera module in the head.
  • Designed to mount a PSD distance sensor and speakers
  • We plan to publish our sample code and 3D data openly for community customisation.

It has currently raised £52,273, from 284 backers, exceeding its £20,000 goal.

Check out the video below showing the mounting of a Raspberry Pi camera module onto Rapiro:


More information can be found on the Rapiro website »

[Via Mashable.com]

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