Open source is still a software licence – Digia Qt

Digia recently acquired the full Qt business from Nokia, Juhapekka Niemi, director, Digia, Qt, talks to Electronics Weekly about how the mobile software business will develop and grow in a market where open source has growing popularity

Microsoft sees the Linux light


Just flagging a quick one, from DAC at the end of last week - Mentor unveils Android, Linux strategy at DAC More Android developments to flag, as Google's venture into an Open Source mobile platform gains some momentum. Check out these two items involving MIPS and T-Mobile. Didn't expect to be writing about Microsoft in this blog, but here we are. A bit late flagging this, from last week... but even Redmond is seeing the benefit of Open Source.

MIPS processor architecture gets Android


MIPS Technologies has ported Google's Android operating system to the MIPS processor architecture, aiming to expand the use of Android beyond phones, into digital TVs, mobile internet devices, digital picture frames and set-top boxes.