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Business news from the electronics industry

Infineon to build $300m IoT wafer fab in China

Wuxi facility

Infineon Technologies  sees China as a key growth market for the internet of things and is investing $300m in an Industry 4.0 smart factory for producing semiconductors in Wuxi. Wuxi has been designated as a pilot city for IoT technologies in China. Infineon already has one factory operating in the region and the new factory is scheduled for rollout at the ...

Imec and Cadence tape out first 5nm IC


Imec and Cadence have taped out the first 5nm test chip using EUV and 193nm immersion lithography. A set of designs using EUV lithography as well as Self-Aligned Quadruple Patterning (SAQP) for immersion lithography scaled metal pitches from the nominal 32nm pitch down to 24nm to push the limit of patterning. Cadence’s Innovus Implementation System was used. It is a ...

Five million Raspberry Pi’s is a Sony UK success story


Five million Raspberry Pis have been manufactured by Sony UK Technology Centre in Wales since the educational computer was launched three years ago. During the three year relationship the site has made five different models of the Pi, has increased its production from 10,000 units per week to 80,000 units. “The Raspberry Pi, is a fantastic example of UK innovation, ...

AMS extends analogue foundry business with scalable process


AMS continues to invest in and extend its analogue foundry business. Last month the Austrian semiconductor maker announced a government partnership in the US to build a new 8-inch fab in New York. The company has now added to its foundry offering in Europe with an enhancement of its 0.35µm high voltage CMOS process which will offer more dies per wafer. Called its H35 ...

Leti fabs MEMS on 300mm wafers


French research fab CEA-Leti has manufactured accelerometers on 300mm wafers, thought to be a first for the MEMS industry. “This demonstration that our 200mm MEMS platform is now compatible with 300mm wafer fabrication shows a significant opportunity to cut MEMS production costs,” said Leti CEO Marie Semeria. “This will be especially important with the expansion of the Internet of things and growing ...

AMS to fab in New York


AMS is to fab wafers in New York under an innovative deal with the State. A public-private funding deal will see New York State pay for the building of a fab designed to an AMS spec with AMS leasing and operating the fab for 20 years. It will be an analogue fab of which the first stage will be an ...

Imec extends GaN-on-Si R&D programme


Imec is extending GaN-on-Si R&D programme to offer joint research on GaN-on-Si 200mm epitaxy and enhancement-mode device technology. The extended R&D initiative includes exploration of novel substrates to improve the quality of the epitaxial layers, new isolation modules to increase the level of integration, and the development of advanced vertical devices. Imec says that it welcomes new partners interested in ...

Comment: Can Germany keep Europe in the FD-SOI game?


With FD-SOI now being proposed as the next generation semiconductor process technology, the epicentre for semiconductor manufacturing in Europe is shifting to Germany. With the eclipse of both STMicroelectronics and NXP as major European manufacturers of chips, the new momentum for investment in wafer fabs seems to be coming from Germany alone. That is if we class Imec in Belgium ...

Imec, Besi pave way to manufacturable 3D hybrid technology


Imec and Besi have developed an automated thermocompression solution for narrow-pitch die-to-wafer bonding, a method by which singulated dies are stacked onto bottom dies which are still part of a fully intact 300mm wafer. The technology paves the way to a manufacturable 2.5D, 3D, and 2.5D/3D hybrid technology. 3D IC technology, stacking multiple dies into a single device, aims to increase ...