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Lumileds puts 15,000 lm in 28x28mm

Luxeon CoB 1216

  Lumileds is emitting 40% more light from its Luxeon CoB 1216, compared with its existing CoBs in the same 28x28mm footprint. Up to 15,000 lm is available from the 23mm diameter light emitting surface (LES). Streetlights and high bay luminaires are the target, replacing 100-150W HIDs. “With the new line of arrays, customers are achieving 150 lm/W at nominal condition,” claimed ...

Led replacements look like CFLs


Would you believe it, for those who love the look of compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), there is an LED replacement for you. From Win Win Lighing of GuangDong, power is 3-23W and they come in E27, E14 and B22 base forms. It’s not often you come across a replacement for a replacement.

Osram has been busy – new bulbs too


After releasing car headlamp and stage lighting leds in two weeks, busy Osram has released new light bulbs. Somehow it has whittled down heatsinking requirements until there is no obvious heatsink on any of them. It has 2,700K (CRI=80) straight-filament-style lamps in 250 lm (’40W’) and 806 lm (’60W’) variants – it certainly isn’t skimping on the lumens of the ...

30W LED for multi-colour stage spotlights


Osram has doubled the power handling capability of its 1x1mm die Ostar Stage LED to 30W. Each device has four die – blue, green, red and white – and each can now handle 2.5A. There is a little more information on the LE RTDUW S2WN on the Electronics Weekly news website. – Why, I ask myself, does Osram insist on having ...

LED approches HIDs for car headlamps


Osram has revealed a 2,000lm LED for automotive headlights. There is more detail on Oslon Black Flat S on Electronics Weekly’s news website. 2,000 lm puts it well above halogen incandescent sources and towards HID sources – although top-end discharge (‘xenon’) lamps are still much higher – Philips’ Vision Xenon 35W (85V) HID car headlight bulb is claimed to deliver 3,350 lm (±300 lm) ...

Updated: A little more on Luxeon C Colors


Lumileds has put out a little more on Luxeon C Colors. The diagram on the right shows how it has got all the focal lengths the same for better colour mixing. It is a side view, and the small trapezoidal shapes that seem to be sitting on the die are on the front edge of the package where where the ...

Toshiba improves it GaN-on-Si leds


Toshiba has released GaN-on-Si Leds delivering 140 lm minimum (145 lm max) at 1W and 85°C (junction) temperature, from 4A5B bins of its 3.5×3.5mm TL1L4 devices. According to the TL1L4 family short form catalogue, this efficacy stretches down to the 4,000K (CRI=70) versions. There are links to data sheets from the link. At 25°C, the figure is typically 165 lm/W. ...

Lumileds thinks afresh on colour mixing


Luxeon C Colors is a 2x2mm family of coloured LEDs aimed at colour mixing. To remove, or at least reduce, colour fringing and halos, primary lens focussing is matched on all products regardless of colour. In order to keep the diameter of secondary optics down for its intended narrow-beam applications, the company has chosen low-dome primary optics on the package. Initial ...

UV leds from Lumileds


Lumileds Luxeon FlipChip UV leds are 1x1mm devices with a 5-sided emitter for wide viewing angle. They come in: 380nm (3.2V, 450mW*) 390nm (3.1V, 650mW*) 400nm (3.0V, 750mW*) * Vf and flux at 500mA, flux is typical for high-end bin Maximum drive is 1A. Designers can attach the LEDs by reflow with standard surface mount equipment and processes, without requiring ...

Update: Does this mean Plessey is building a luminaire factory?


Plessey is retrofitting the lighting at its Plymouth fab with GaN-on-Si leds made on site. Looks like it has the equipment to make lighting modules, so is it going to become a module maker, or even a luminaire maker? Lumileds, Cree, and Osram have gone out of their ways to become vertically-integrated LED lighting companies – from die to finished luminaire ...