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Led Luminaries

LuxLive show in London has plenty of good news


Not much time available today, so here is a quick summary: This year it included Strategies in Light Europe and Vibrant show, lots of happy faces as the LED lighting market is growing and there is plenty of business. Lots of companies with UK factories. Not so many LED device makers this year – I visited the Plessey and Lumileds ...

10W dimmable driver for 120Vac is waterproof

PH1907 PDA010N triac dimmable

Phihong has released a series of 10W triac-dimmable, constant current LED drivers for residential use. Sadly they are only for 120V systems, but on the bright side, if you are reading this in the US you get claimed flicker- free and shimmer-free operation from a small (80 x 78 x 25.4mm , 165g) waterproof (IP67) package. Called PDA010N, they are aimed ...

GE goes circadian

GE Sleep Bulb

GE Lighting has unveiled an led replacement light bulb claimed to help with sleep – so much so, it is called C Sleep. The C bit is about being ‘connected’, as it has Bluetooth radio inside. C Life is a more general version, and  to go with its new bulbs the firm has launched its first ever GE e-commerce web ...

Need to make a seven colour spotlight?

Fraen Led Engin ZL7 zoom spotlight optics

If you need a seven colour (almost) zoom spotlight, Fraen and Led Engin could the companies to turn to as they make the ‘colour-mixing zoom optical system‘ and the soon-to-be-available LZ7 led respectively (link is through merintus). The ZL7 has red, green, blue, white, amber, cyan and violet die – hence almost seven colour – with die running at 850mA each (or ...

Led Engin squeezes a lot of light into 12 x 12mm package

Led Engin LZP-04MD00

3,800 colour-tuneable lumens lm from a 12 x 12mm package, is Led Engin’s claim for its latest 80W LZP device. Light emission is from 25 die in a 6.2 x 6.2 mm square (RGB and W die), and there are lensed and lens-less version depending on your desire for lumens or beam intensity – numbered LZP-00MD00 or LZP-04MD00 respectively. For more ...

Luxeon FlipChip White: don’t waste 28% of the output

Lumileds FlipChip White wasted light

Lumileds has released an application note on assembling its Luxeon FlipChip White lighting leds. Although intended to cover handling and assembly, it has some interesting snippets on light extraction – stuff you really need to know if you don’t want to be throwing a lot of light away. It transpires that “more than 28% of the total light is emitted downward or ...

Carbon dots: interesting idea, but please stop the spin

Researchers at the University of Utah have used ‘carbon dots’ in a similar manner to quantum dots to get light emission. It looks like an interesting idea, published in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s physical chemistry journal – which I do not have access to. The accompanying announcement, sadly, adds little technical depth and, to me, strays from perspective to ...

Lumileds puts 15,000 lm in 28x28mm

Luxeon CoB 1216

  Lumileds is emitting 40% more light from its Luxeon CoB 1216, compared with its existing CoBs in the same 28x28mm footprint. Up to 15,000 lm is available from the 23mm diameter light emitting surface (LES). Streetlights and high bay luminaires are the target, replacing 100-150W HIDs. “With the new line of arrays, customers are achieving 150 lm/W at nominal condition,” claimed ...

Led replacements look like CFLs


Would you believe it, for those who love the look of compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), there is an LED replacement for you. From Win Win Lighing of GuangDong, power is 3-23W and they come in E27, E14 and B22 base forms. It’s not often you come across a replacement for a replacement.