More on Cree’s 200 lm/W luminaire

Last week Electronics Weekly reported on a 200 lm/W technology demonstrator luminaire from Cree.

We would like a photo please :-)

We asked for details and photos, but Cree said sorry, no.

However, a very nice PR woman for Cree managed to get us a bit more information on what must be a fascinating design:

“Cree developed the prototype to create the first demonstration luminaire fixture to achieve 200 lm/W. The concept luminaire accounts for all electrical, thermal and optical losses and delivers a system efficacy of 200 lm/W. It was tested in a NVLAP-certified lab, and third party approved. While this prototype is not designed for the commercial market, Cree’s past track record shows that it can take about two years from R&D achievement to commercialisation.”




  1. Hi Suijin.
    How did you find that lot out?

    And Steve,
    I like the early information release.
    And just wish they had released a bit more of it 🙂

  2. The LEDs are available now, not the total luminaire though.

    They are the MK-R LED. Keep in mind the 200lm/W was taken at 1W, 25°C. At max current they are more like 110 lm/W.

  3. There’s nothing quite as alluring as the new technology that’s just around the corner! Just don’t peek around the corner, though…

    I understand the desire to stay in public view and remind people that Cree is still breaking new ground, but I’d rather see a press release stating that the new LED is now on the market.

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