Long time no Blog

Not sure where the time has been going the last few months but all we hear is the downturn in business and business closing down, well I have to say that from my side I see that the LED market did take a dip in the first 2 months this year but since then we have been going flat out. The orders and enquires are pouring in and times look to be really good going forward.

We at Carclo have re-organised ourselves and the LED team is now a standalone group within Carclo and this has meant changes in the way we work with the group as now they are our suppliers of the moulded optics, this means we are in the process of increasing our capacity and will have a number of production sites worldwide manufacturing our optics.

This will be a benefit to our customers in we will have even better local support and supply.

We have also been busy at shows with Strategies in Light being the start of the year and LightFair next month closely followed by EuroLED in the UK.

We were also the first company to support the new HTML newsletter from the LED Mag which is just a great place to keep up to date with the LED market as well as Electronics Weekly.

Enough of me rambling on, I have to get back to the e-mails following my break at the Disney World where my family got feed up of me looking at the different LED light fittings they use around the parks and rides for special effects. It would have been nice to have seen them use this technology to reduce the power usage across the general lighting of the parks as well as special effects, I guess in time this will happen.


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