Clear LED lightbulbs

Philips has introduced an LED bulb that looks a lot like a clear incandescent light bulb.

Philips clear LED bulb

It is not the first company to do it, but it does have a nice clean look.

The spec is: 2,700K, 470 lm (’40W’), 6W input (78 lm/W), and it looks like the firm has used a light pipe with a crinkly edge to get the effect.

Philips clear LED bulbIt looks great for chandeliers, but bizarrely its promotional video has the clear bulb being used in a non-clear lampshade, where no one can see it.

Inside a lampshade, you might as well use which ever source is most efficient for the price – many 6W 470 lm LED light bulbs are available.

As an aside, I continue to be amazed at the almost-opaque lampshades some folk will put a bulb in.

Philips clear LED bulbPhilips also has a nice picture of one of its its clear LED bulb in a clear lampshade (right), which looks great in my opinion – although it might be a source of glare – particularly with all those lumens in one spot. I wonder if that is a lower wattage version, or artistic licence?




  1. Thanks William
    Nice to have an expert view
    but a little less advert next time? 😉
    ps, I like the ‘our story’ section of your website.

  2. The clear LED bulb is a good introduction from Philips indeed! I think there’s no point using a crystal clear LED in a non-clear lampshade. And the clear lampshade make the lights more centered and glared! So its another example of improper use of clear LED bulb. If someone really think about lampshade LED bulbs, Cherryled has the solution as they do LED globe bulbs. They are professional LED solution provider where you can get too many types of residential and commercial LED lighting solution. Philips’s clear LED is a slim stylish one that you can use in different areas in your house.

  3. Thanks Steve
    I have not seen that Slimstyle before.
    Would like to see details of the heat pattern – because apart from an increased surface area to volume ration, it is not obvious where the heat is escaping.

  4. Your question at the end exactly matched my thought — seems like that has to be artistic license, or it’s on a dimmer and turned way down. That would obviously never light a room.

    Also, just this year, Philips came out with a SlimStyle — a different look for a bulb (60-watt replacement) that costs less. But it’s a look some people may not like … so THAT’S that bulb that probably ought to be used in a nearly-opaque shade (unless someone wants a conversation starter). Agreeing with you … not sure why they would feature this particular bulb that way.

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