Optic beams are very narrow, and very rectangular

Khatod has released two interesting lens families, with very narrow and very rectangular beams.

07aug13KhatodLensRectPlot 625

One family is called ‘clean rectangular beam‘.

“Most lenses for LED applications in current use produce output beams with circular or elliptical profiles,” said Khatod. “The toroidal lenslet of the clean rectangular beam lens array creates a rippled surface able to reshape the light into a beam whose size is one of an A4 paper sheet at 1m distance. The distribution in the light pattern is totally uniform,” claims the firm.

07aug13KhatodRect 272

Uniformity is better than 85% – see the false colour illuminance map above (lux/klumen at 5m) – beam is 300x200mm at 1m.

Efficiency of the 35.0mm version is >89%. On request, 50.0 and 46.8mm versions are available. “Optical characteristics will remain the same,” said the firm.

Fixing and alignment come from three pins.

Design, tooling and moulding are all done by Khatod in Italy.

07aug13KhatodPunch 310

Applications “may range from the use for lighting in a museum to desk lamps or inspection lines”, it said.

The other new lens – another with high intensity slope – is the ‘ultra narrow punch beam’ lens‘- claimed to be able to achieve a +/-1.75° beam (3.5° FWHM) from a 1mm die.

Once again, diameters of 35 (PL1672UN), 46.8 (PL1738UN) and 50mm (PL1675UN) are offered, with three pins for mounting and alignment. All are 21mm high.

The firm claims this is the lens with the smallest ‘shape factor’ – (diameter)x(FWHM)/(chip width).

Claimed centre beam power is 150cd/lm, and efficiency is >89%.

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