You might have missed it: Ledil Rita

It is not often you see something properly new in LED optics.

05jun13LedilRitaCloseA 314

Polymer Optics managed it with its hybrid lens/reflector, and last year Ledil pulled a rabbit out of the hat with its Rita reflectors.

When describing the Rita series, wonky white funnel seems to sum it up.

Rita-A came first (left) – intended for task and application lighting.

Its funnel effectively forms a beam, and pushes it over sideways – the peak is 30° off-axis.

If on-axis straight ahead is 0°, most of the beam is between 5° and 55°.

05jun13LedilRitaA beam 300So you can mount the light on the wall (right) and have it illuminate a table top without lighting the wall up, or mount it on the ceiling to light up a painting (see diagram) without lighting the ceiling.

It rotates to move light around, direct the light, and “Rita-A can be mounted side-by-side [on the ceiling] to illuminate long walls with minimal hot-spots or shadowing,” said Ledil. “Outdoor applications include residential lamps used in urban areas or for lighting stairwells in parking garages.”

Efficiency is 86%, despite having no metallisation (oddly, the data sheet says: “Reflector is made of aluminium coated…”).

It is pretty small – 17.1mm tall (17.3mm with mounting tape) on a 22mm base, occupying 28.4x36mm.

The firm has qualified it for Cree XT-E, and Rebel and Luxeon M from Lumileds.

Tech specs include: use up to 115°C, UL 94 V-2 flammability rating, and moulded alignment pins.

05jun13LedilRitaWas 368Then came the Rita-Was (both left and below), a Rita for wall-washing with a beam including 0° and extending to 40° (below, nominal offset is 20°).

Height is again 17.3 mm and it needs a 31,9×28,4mm footprint .

Stated efficiency is 85%.

Qualification, so far, is for Cree XM, XT and XP leds, Osram Oslon Square EC, and Lumileds Luxeon M and A. 05jun13edilRitaWas beam 377

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