Intermatix get patent for red phosphor

Intematix of California has received a patent for its red-emitting, nitride based phosphors.

Intermatix' 203 lm/W bulb

Intermatix’ 203 lm/W bulb

Covered by US patent 8,597,545, the intellectual property is used in the firm’s XR phosphor family.

The firm claims it can hit a CRI of 98 using these reds and its previously patented aluminumate (‘GAL’ branded) green phosphors (US 8,529,791 for green, and 8,475,683 for a yellow).

“The XR red nitride also leads in colour stability with less-than-perceptible 2SDCM measured colour shift in accelerated aging testing,” claimed Intermatix. “GAL phosphors provide up to 95% lumen maintenance at 200°C phosphor temperature.”

Last november, the firm revealed a 203 lm/W remote-phosphor incandescent-replacement bulb (pictured above) using royal blue Luxeon T/TX leds.

It used a commercially-available 26mm diameter dome shaped remote phosphor developed by Intematix to produce 6,000K and 70CRI “with conversion efficacy of 267 lm per radiant watt,” it said. “The design is applicable for round and linear module configurations and is offered in colour temperatures ranging from 2,700K to 6,000K with CRI values from 70 up to 98.” Wall plug efficiency was claimed to be 76%.



  1. Hi Steve.
    That said, both Osram and Lumileds make amber LEDs using a blue InGaN die and phosphor, instead of AlInGaP native emitters.
    And that said, Lumileds makes native amber emitters too.

  2. At first I was wondering “why invent a red phosphor when you can just make a red LED?”. Eventually it dawned on me that this phosphor would be added to the mix when creating a phosphor for a white LED. That would make a lot more sense! 🙂

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