Are we writing the right standards

I read today the newest addition to the preliminary Energy Star specification on low bay lighting, this preliminary specification is an average of about 30 existing luminaries.

They are therefore trying to get LED lights to match the current technology.

This cannot be right as with the use of correct optics LED low bay lighting is able to meet much higher levels of evenness therefore not needing to accept the hotspots directly below each light unit. Thus the light fittings will be more efficient overall making the cost of ownership calculations even easier to prove that the new LED technology is the right way forward.

If I didn’t know better I would say they want to keep the old technology! (That is cynical of me)

Anyway I trust you are all enjoying the LED festive lights that we see every ware and I wish you all a Happy Christmas and a safe New Year and here’s to re-enlighting the world with LED’s in the course of 2009. House web.jpg 



  1. Can the lumens from a led be measured by a light meter?

  2. When writing standards, it’s usually a good idea to take into account what people actually want from a lighting display. Evenness and lack of hotspots may not necessarily be as attractive, and imposing something on people that they don’t like is not always a good way to persuade them to buy it.

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