Airports More Fun

Going through airports is much more fun now that BA have taken away my card for getting into their lounges.

It’s just that lounges are rather dull places. People seem to go there simply because they can. And, once there, the loungers seem to think: ‘I am here because I’m a superior person, so I must behave superior, look unapproachable, talk to no one, and keep myself to myself.’ No wonder lounges are as dull as ditchwater. To my shame, I remember once meeting a friend at an airport check-in, then scuttling off to the lounge. Depressed by its atmosphere, I wandered out to see my friend perched on a bar-stool, pint in front of him, watching a football match and chatting to a new-found chum. As I sidled up, he asked me where I’d been. Too ashamed to say, I mumbled something fatuous, slid onto a bar-stool and enjoyed the rest of my waiting time. While lounges are a cross between a library and a church, the main airport concourses are a cross between a shopping mall and a funfair with bars thrown in. Well which would you prefer?

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