The Brit


Despite BP, the Brits haven’t lost all their cachet in the US.

In the new terminal at San JoseAirport there’s a watering hole called The Brit.


On one side of the door is a red telephone box.


On the other side is a suit of armour holding the menu.


The menu includes:


Sheperd’s (spelt without the ‘h’) Pie.


Britannia Bangers Sandwich


Fish and Chips.


And another thing. In Melvyn’s bar at the Ingleside Inn in Palm Springs they had a pianist who, in the way of bar pianists, inter-acted with the drinkers – asking and answering questions, making jokes, doing impressions, taking requests.


His eye alighted on me and he asked: “Where are you from?”


“England,” I said.


The whole bar broke out clapping.


Good old Palm Springs


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  1. Certainly not. Chips & Beer is a very discriminating site, Dick

  2. So no entry on Chips and Beer then?

  3. Yellow, frozen, fizzy and pissy, Dick

  4. But David, what is the beer like at The Brit?

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